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The Modular TOC Utility

One of the major problems with modular HTML Help is that the "child" modules do not contain the entire table of contents. Generally, this limitation is not an obstacle because the "parent" or hub Help file has the full table of contents and, in most cases, this is the Help file that is exposed to the end-user. Where the incomplete TOC can become an issue is during the implementation of "F1" or context sensitive Help. In this case, the child Help file may be called, leaving the end-user with no way to navigate through the entire Help contents.  

The ComponentOne Modular TOC Utility removes the table of contents limitation by automatically adding the full table of contents to each Help file in a modular project. The Modular TOC Utility is a stand-alone tool that can be used on any set of modular Help files. By simply pointing the utility at each of the component .HHP files a fully functional table of contents is incorporated into each modular Help file.

For more information on building a modular Help system, see Using Modular Help.


Using the Modular TOC Utility

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