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Organizing Your Project Files

When you first build a Help target, Doc-To-Help creates a subdirectory (within the directory containing the project file) for all intermediate and final output. This keeps the generated files separate from your source files. Note that you can change the name of any Help target directory by setting the Help target Folder directory.

The following table shows the mapping between the directory name and the default Help target:


Microsoft Help 2.0


NETHelp (previously HTML 4.0)


HTML Help 1.2


Printed Manual


WinHelp 4.0

Help Target Name

User Created Help Target

IMPORTANT: Do not place any of your own files in these subdirectories, as Doc-To-Help may overwrite or delete them during the build process. For this reason, placing multiple Doc-To-Help projects (.d2h files) in a single directory is also not recommended.

Doc-To-Help stores document and template pathnames relative to the directory that contains the project file. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep your source documents (.doc and .htm files) and Doc-To-Help projects (.d2h files) in the same directory. That way, if you copy the entire directory to another location, Doc-To-Help will still be able to find your source documents.

If a Doc-To-Help project contains one or more Microsoft Word templates (.dot files) or cascading style sheets (.css), you can keep them in the same directory as the project file. However, if you create many Help projects, you may not want to have a duplicate set of templates for each one. In that case, you can keep one copy of the templates in a common directory, and each project can refer to them by their absolute pathnames. If you follow this approach, remember to copy the templates when transferring your source files to another machine.