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MS Help 2.0 Target

Microsoft Help 2.0 closely resembles the Microsoft MSDN collection, and uses some of the same underlying technology. Programmers who distribute .NET components can create Help 2.0, because the .NET tools include the run-time components necessary to view Help 2.0 Help systems.

Note:  The development of Microsoft Help 2.0 has been discontinued by Microsoft, though it is still the Help authoring format for .NET developers.

In order to create and view .HxS, or Microsoft Help 2.0, files, you must install Visual Studio.NET and VSHIK (Visual Studio Help Integration Kit). To build Help 2.0, Doc-To-Help also needs to know the locations of the Help 2.0 executable files. These locations can be specified in Doc-To-Help in the Tools | Options dialog box. By default, Doc-To-Help assumes the following locations:

      C:\Program Files\Microsoft Help 2.0 SDK\HxComp.exe

      C:\Program Files\Microsoft Help 2.0 SDK\HxReg.exe

      C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Help\dexplore.exe

If these paths are not correct, Doc-To-Help will prompt you to specify the correct paths in the Options dialog box when you build Help 2.0.