Inline pop-ups show additional content in a pop-up window. They look like pop-up links, except the content is not a separate topic.

To add inline pop-ups to your document, use the Inline Popup button  in the D2HML Styles toolbar:

Select the text to which you want to attach more information and click the Inline Popup button. Then type the text that should be displayed in the pop-up and click OK to create the pop-up.

To add an inline pop-up to our sample project, follow these steps:

1.   Open the Scuba Dive.htm document.

2.   Copy the Copyright Notice paragraph and paste a new copy in the document.

3.   Cut the text after the Copyright Notice title to the clipboard.

4.   Select the Copyright Notice title and click the Inline Popup button. The Inline Popup Link dialog box appears.

5.   Paste the text into the dialog box and click OK.

Note: The dialog box only allows you to enter plain text. However, once the text has been added to the document, it's HTML as usual. You can edit the text and add custom formatting as usual.

D2HML syntax: Adding an Inline Popup

<span class="C1HInlinePopup"><b>Copyright Notice (pop-up):</b></span>
<span class="C1HPopupText">Substantial <br>
  <a href=""></a><br>
  <a href=""></a><br>
  <a href=""></a></span>