Examining the Printed Manual

1.   Select StyleGuide Manual from the Project toolbar drop-down.

2.   Click the Make Target button.

3.   Click the View Target button. The front page of your printed manual contains the default ByLine, SuperTitle and Title.

4.   Scroll down to see that Doc-To-Help has automatically included a table of contents.

5.   Scroll down to the "Introduction" heading. The graphic and the margin note are included in the printed manual. Note that the bulleted items under the heading "How can we be better writers?" have page numbers in place of the hyperlinks in the online Help file and the "printed manual" conditional text is included.

6.   Scroll to the end of the printed manual. Doc-To-Help has automatically included an index at the end of the printed manual.

7.   When you’re finished, close the printed manual.