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Creating a Glossary

A glossary is a list of specialized words with their definitions, often placed at the end of a book.

Doc-to-Help enhances this concept by compiling this word list and, if you choose, automatically attaching a pop-up with the definition wherever the words appear in the help system. You can also create glossary pop-ups manually.

Creating a glossary in Doc-to-Help is extremely easy, and we have already added one to our sample project.

Open the Glossary.htm document to see how it's done. This glossary is simply a list containing the terms, all formatted with the Glossary Heading style, followed by their definition, formatted as C1H Popup Topic Text.

Our sample glossary contains about 20 terms, and can be seen as a regular help topic. If you navigate around the help system, you will notice that the first instance of each word in a topic that matches a  glossary term has a pop-up that shows the definition.

That was done automatically by Doc-to-Help, all we had to do was create and format the word list.