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What’s This Help

A more finely tuned approach to context-sensitive Help allows the user to access pop-up Help topics for individual text boxes, drop-down list boxes, command buttons, etc. This sort of field-level Help is known as "What's This?" help.

For most applications, there are three ways to access "What's This" help in Windows:

1.   The user can press F1 to see pop-up Help for the currently selected item in the window.

2.   The user can right-click the window item and click the "What's This" menu item in the pop-up menu that opens.

3.   The user can click the "What's This" button in the title bar. The cursor becomes a special context-sensitive Help cursor: an arrow with a question mark attached to it.

When you click an item in the dialog box, Windows displays a pop-up Help topic for that item.