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Using the Theme Designer

Since the original implementation of Doc-To-Help themes, authors have needed a method by which they could modify themes to fit their needs. The ComponentOne Theme Designer provides you with the means to develop and save customized themes. The theme designer gives you control over navigation, background styles and image insertion for the any defined window, secondary window or pop-up. These themes can be used for HTML Help, NetHelp, JavaHelp and Help 2.0 targets.

The Theme Designer allows you to modify the Navigation Bar, Topic Text, Pop-up windows, Secondary windows and more by simply clicking on the item in the left pane.

For more information on using themes, see Using Themes to Modify the Help Window.


Creating a New Theme

Exploring the Navigation Bar Node

Exploring the Topic Text Node

Exploring the Popup Window Node

Exploring the Secondary Window Node

Exploring the General Node (NetHelp Only)

Exploring the Toolbars Node (NetHelp Only)

Exploring the Table of Contents Node (NetHelp Only)

Exploring the Index Node (NetHelp Only)

Exploring the Search Node (NetHelp Only)

Exploring the Favorites Node (NetHelp Only)

Exploring the Messages Node (NetHelp Only)

Exploring the Menu Node (NetHelp Only)

Exploring the Accessibility Node (NetHelp Only)

Including Custom HTML Content in Themes