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Using the Organizer to Copy a Style

After defining a new style in your "source" template, you need to add the same style to the template that your Help target will use. To do this, you will use the "Organizer" utility within Microsoft Word. In the example below our Help target is HTML Help.

1.   If you have closed the C1H_NORM.DOT template, open it by following steps 1-3 in the previous lesson.

2.   From the C1H_NORM.DOT template, select Tools | Templates and Add-ins.

3.   Click the Organizer button. The Organizer dialog box opens. Note that the left side of the organizer contains the styles from the currently opened template, while the right side contains the template.

4.   Close the by clicking Close File on the right side of the organizer.

5.   To select the HTML Help template (C1H_HTML.DOT), click the Open File button on the right side of the organizer.

6.   Select the C1H_HTML.DOT template from the Open dialog box and click Open.

7.   In the In C1H_NORM.DOT listbox, select My Heading 2.

8.   Click the Copy button  to copy the style to C1H_HTML.DOT.

9.   Click the Close File button for the C1H_HTML.DOT.

10.  You are prompted "Do you want to save changes to C1H_HTML.DOT?", click Yes.

11.  Close the organizer and close the C1H_NORM.DOT file.