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Using Themes to Modify the Help Window

Doc-To-Help allows you to modify the style of your target windows for all HTML-based targets by using the Theme property. From the Theme Preview dialog, you can view each of the themes provided with Doc-To-Help and select the one that best fits your purposes. To customize your themes, see Using the Theme Designer.

To use the Theme property:

1.   Select the Projects icon.

2.   Select Help Targets from the left pane.

3.   Select the Help target you wish to modify from the right pane This option is available for Help 2.0, HTML Help, JavaHelp and NetHelp.

4.   From the property pane, select the Theme property and click the button in the box to the right of the property name.

The Theme Preview dialog opens.

5.   From the Theme drop-down list, select the theme style you wish to preview.

6.   After you have viewed the themes and selected the one that suits your needs, click OK to accept the theme.

7.   Build the Help target to reformat your Help window.

Note:  To modify your themes, you can access the Theme Designer by clicking the Theme Designer button to the right of the theme drop-down. For more information, see Using the Theme Designer.


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