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Using the Add Topic Button

Adding a topic in your source document with the Add Topic button is a simple procedure.

1.   In your Word document, add an empty paragraph at the end of the topic where you want to add the new topic.

Note:    It may be helpful to turn on formatting using the Tools | Options menu and checking Paragraph Marks under Formatting marks on the Views tab.

2.   Click the Add Topic button . Doc-to-Help prompts you with a dialog box asking if you want to add a new topic on the line you have selected.

3.   Click Yes. The Add Topic dialog box opens.

4.   Enter the text for your topic and the heading style you want to use.

5.   Click OK. Doc-to-Help prompts you with a dialog box that allows you to see your new topic text and accept it as is or cancel the topic insert.

The new topic is added to your document in the selected location.

You can perform any topic function, for example Add Topic Link  , without having to rebuild your project first.