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Using Paragraph Styles

For each paragraph style that begins a topic or has a special help-authoring behavior, a like-named paragraph style must be defined in the project file so that Doc-To-Help compiles the Help system properly. For example, if you have a paragraph style named SubHeading, you should also have a paragraph style in the project file called SubHeading. In this way, you can simply select which properties you want to apply to the SubHeading style in the property pane of the Doc-To-Help project editor. Defining a style is not usually necessary, because Doc-To-Help provides many predefined styles, but if you need to use your own styles, remember to define a like-named style in your project.

Note that Topic Types and Paragraph Styles have many duplicate properties. When a paragraph style has a TopicType associated with it, the duplicate Topic Type properties override the Paragraph Style properties. To make it easy to determine which properties are overridden, Doc-To-Help dims the Paragraph Style properties when unavailable.


Paragraph Style Properties

Default Paragraph Styles

Creating New Paragraph Styles

Editing Paragraph Style Properties