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Using Lists in the Printed Manual Target

Microsoft Word has a number of known issues concerning the preservation of numbered list formatting when copy/paste and other text manipulations are performed. These problems are generally restricted to Word 2000 and are largely solved in Word 2002 (XP). They originate in the sophisticated manner in which Word tries to make numbered list behavior as smart and intuitive as possible. As a result, numbered lists are sometimes re-numbered and re-formatted incorrectly when you perform copy/paste and other modifications.

For this same reason, the numbering and formatting of some lists can be broken when compiling the master document (print target) with the Concatenate property is set to True. This problem is impossible to predict and may be difficult to find, so when the FixLists property is set to default (Word 2000 Only), Doc-To-Help automatically fixes, re-numbers and re-formats lists where it detects this problem in the resulting document.

However, on very rare occasions, when Doc-To-Help attempts to fix this problem, it can cause Word to crash, freeze or corrupt the resulting document. In these rare cases, if you encounter such problems while the Doc-To-Help progress indicator reads "Restoring lists formatting...", you may want to make Doc-To-Help skip this action.

Set the FixLists property to Never if you want to skip the fix for Word 2000.

Set the FixLists property to Always if you want to force the fix for all versions of Word.