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Using Attributes

Attributes provide the Help author with the ability to create conditional text based upon author specified criteria. In some instances, you may wish to include specific text in one group of Help files while having alternate text included in a separate group of Help files. By creating attributes and associating the attribute values with Help targets, you can determine which targets contain which text.

For example, you might create an attribute grouping named Skills that contains the values Novice, Expert and Administrator. In this way, you can modify the text contained in Help files for each audience by simply attaching the value to a given group of Help targets and formatting the conditional text with those attributes values.

There are three simple steps for using attributes:

1.   In the Doc-To-Help project editor, add a new attribute with values to your project.

2.   Insert conditional text in your Word or HTML source document using attributes.

3.   Associate the attribute value with Help targets in the Doc-To-Help project editor using the View Attributes button or using the AttributeExpression property.

You can view a list of existing attributes at any time by selecting the Attributes item in the project editor tree list.

The list of attributes appears in the right pane. By choosing any one of the attributes, the property pane displays the property settings for that attribute.


Adding a New Attribute

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