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Using a Noise Word List for NetHelp

You can create your own text file containing the noise words to be ignored when a NetHelp Help file is searched. The SearchStopList property allows you to specify the list file to be used.

1.   Create a text file (.txt) with your noise words; each word must appear on a separate line in the file. If you specify a noise word list using the SearchStopList property, the default list installed with Doc-To-Help is overridden. Therefore, you must add the standard noise words to your list if you want them to be ignored in the search. The standard noise words are:

2.   In the Doc-To-Help project, select NetHelp from the Help Target drop-down list.

3.   In the property pane, click the ellipsis button next to the SearchStopList property and locate the noise word text file you created.

4.   Select the noise word file and click OK.

5.   Click the Make Target button  to build the NetHelp Help file. If the word(s) entered in the Search for text box matches a word specified in your noise word list, it is ignored during the search process.