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UseTemplateText Property

If set to True, the text of the Template associated with the Manual help target is included in the resulting document. Otherwise, the text is ignored, only template styles are used to format the document.


Applies To


Help Target (Manual)


The template associated with the Manual target via the Template property is used for two different purposes:

Template styles determine the appearance of the generated document. This is always done if the Template property is non-empty, regardless of the value of this property.

Template text can also be used to determine such sections of the document as its title, table of contents and index. This is done if the UseTemplateText property is set to True. In that case, building the Manual target document, Doc-To-Help locates a bookmark with the name ChapterHeading in the template text and considers this bookmark a placeholder for the generated contents of the document, all document chapters. This allows the author of the template to specify the remaining sections of the document, that is, usually, Title, TOC and Index in the template text. If the UseTemplateText property is set to False, template text, even if present in the template, does not appear in the resulting document. In that case Doc-To-Help adds default title, TOC and index sections to the target document without using the template text.


      Click the Project Icon.

      Make sure you have selected the Manual target from the Help Target Dropdown.

      Select the Help Targets item from the left pane Tree View.

      The property is located under the Misc group in the Properties Pane.