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Uplodading Changes to the Repository

Although you can check individual files into the repository separately, we recommend that you check in the entire project with all of your changes at one time.

Open Doc-To-Help, click the Team Authoring menu and select Check Project In. The Check In dialog box appears.

This dialog box shows the list of files changed in your working copy and specifies the kind of change in the Status column. The types of changes include Added, Removed and Modified. The Check In dialog box also states whether the file in your working copy is modified.

Once you click OK, your changes are sent to the repository. If necessary, you can choose to send only the changes in the source files without sending the changes in the project file by unchecking the Check In check box under Project File. This is an advanced option and is not recommended unless you have a specific reason for doing so. If you only want to send some files to the repository and not others, you can uncheck the desired check boxes in the file list, although this is also an advanced option that is not recommended.

Note: If you do not check out the project, your changes in the project file will be merged into the project in the repository, and that merge process may, on rare occasions, encounter conflicts that must be resolved in the Conflicts Detected dialog box.