Upgrading a Team Authoring Project

All users of a team project must have exactly the same version, or same build number, of Doc-To-Help installed on their machines. Version incompatibility will be detected as an error. If you want to upgrade the project to a newer version of Doc-To-Help, the administrator must upgrade the team project in the repository and then each user can upgrade his/her working copy.

To upgrade the project to a new version of Doc-To-Help:

Note: The following steps should be performed by the administrator.

1.   Open your working copy of the project in a new version of Doc-To-Help.

2.   Double-click C1D2HTeamAdmin.exe, the administrative utility included with Doc-To-Help.

3.   Select File | Open Team Project to connect to the repository. The Load Remote Project dialog box appears.

4.   Select a repository type, either File System Repository or Web Repository, depending on the type of repository that was created for the team project.

5.   Select a team project or choose (Select Team Project) from the drop-down box to browse for a project and click OK.

6.   Select Tools | Upgrade Team Project to the Current Doc-To-Help Version to change the Doc-To-Help build number stored in the repository to the new build number.

Once the project is upgraded to the current version of Doc-To-Help, all users can upgrade their working copies of the project by opening them in the newer, or current, version of Doc-To-Help.