The Team Authoring Node

To access the Team Authoring node, select the Project icon in the Icon bar and choose Team Authoring from the Source Files folder in the project editor tree. This node includes specific information and features for team authoring.

From the Team Authoring node, you can see a list of Document files and Auxiliary files lists for each of your source file directories. The source file directory tree is shown to the left of the file lists. In the Team Authoring node, you can obtain additional information, such as the version number or date the document was retrieved from the repository, pertaining to team authoring, and you can perform team-authoring actions on individual files. Using this node of the project editor is not required for source documents unless you need to look at advanced team-authoring information, such as the document status, or sort by that information. This node is also not required for auxiliary files unless you want to perform team-authoring actions on them individually or to check them out for editing.

Team-authoring actions on individual files are available from the context menu and by using the Team Authoring toolbar buttons when you select the file. Note that the Team Authoring toolbar buttons that appear in this node are identical to the ones on the Documents toolbar in the Document Tree.

The information available for each document includes document status, size, date modified, version number, and date the document was retrieved from the repository.

The check-out status of each source file and auxiliary file appears in the Status column, but it can also be determined by the file icon and tooltip. For example, a document that is checked out has a checkmark icon and a tooltip stating by whom the document is checked out.

Possible status values include:



Checked out by me

Checked out by this author.

Checked out by "<user name>" on "<computer name>"

Checked out by another author, who is specified in <user name>.

New document, not in repository

File newly added to your working copy of the project; it does not yet exist in the repository.

Modified by me

Modified by current author.

Modified in repository

Modified by another author.


Synchronized with the repository. No changes made by current or other authors since it was last retrieved or sent to the repository by this author.


The version number is the sequential number of the file's version in the repository. When a file is first sent to the repository, it is assigned a version number of 1. Each time it is modified in the repository by any author, its version number is incremented.

To refresh the file information or retrieve the latest information from the repository, use the Refresh View button  in the toolbar.