The Project tab appears when you start Doc-To-Help Express. On this tab, you will see all of the projects that you have recently worked on. Along the top of the window are buttons that allow you to open a project or create a new project. You can also open Documenter for .NET or convert an existing RoboHelp, HTML Help, or WinHelp project to a Doc-To-Help project. To begin, simply click on the name of a recently modified project, open an existing project that is not already listed or create a new one.

Converting a RoboHelp, HTML Help or WinHelp Project

1.   Click the Convert button and four options will appear: Convert RoboHelp Project, Convert HTML Help Project, Convert RoboHelp Word Project, and Convert WinHelp Project. 

2.   Choose the option for the file type that you want to convert. Browse to the location of the file for RoboHelp (.xpj, .mpj or .hpj), HTML Help (.hhp), or WinHelp (.hpj).

3.   Next, enter the name of the project and the location of where the project will be created. Doc-To-Help Express will create the project in a subfolder of the location. 

4.   Click Convert and a window will appear showing the conversion process. When Doc-To-Help Express has finished converting, a dialog box will appear stating that the project has been successfully converted. You can now open the newly created project file in the Project tab by clicking the Open button. For more information on the conversion wizards see the Doc-To-Help documentation.