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The Options Dialog Box

Most of the Word options and settings that you should check are found in the Options dialog box. Open this dialog box by clicking the Tools menu, and selecting Options. The Options dialog box contains a series of tabs that control the default options for View, Print, Edit, Save and many other settings. The General Tab is shown below.

General Tab

Please ensure that the Help For WordPerfect Users and Navigation Keys For WordPerfect Users checkboxes are clear (not selected). They interfere with many Word command keystrokes and can also make it difficult to properly apply styles. Background Repagination should also be clear because repagination can slow down Word’s performance while editing large documents.

View Tab

Please select the Screen Tips option to visibly highlight text areas that have been modified by the Doc-To-Help link features.

Save Tab

Please select the Save tab and make sure that the following check box is clear (not selected):

Allow Fast Saves

Microsoft added this option in order to make it possible to save your documents quickly. Fast Save accomplishes this by adding your latest changes to the end of the .doc file and referencing them at the appropriate location. When you decide to delete text or graphics, the reference is dropped, but the material is left in the file. In large documents, this means that the size of your file can keep increasing even if you delete material. Many Word users have reported that file corruption occurs much more easily when this feature is selected.