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The Contents Toolbar

On the View menu, point to Toolbars, and then click Contents. A check mark next to the command indicates that the toolbar is displayed

After a Doc-To-Help project has been compiled, you can use the Contents toolbar to cut, copy, paste, delete, and rearrange contents and the topics.

From left to right, the Contents toolbar contains the following commands:

New Book

Adds a new book to the Help contents

Convert Topic

Changes the selected topic into a book

Insert Topics

Inserts the selected topic(s) from the right pane into the Help contents


Removes the selection and places it on the clipboard


Copies the selection to the clipboard


Inserts the contents of the clipboard at the insertion point, replacing any selection


Deletes the selection

Move Up

Moves the selection up within the outline

Move Down

Moves the selection down within the outline

Move Left

Moves the selection left within the outline

Move Right

Moves the selection right within the outline