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Team Authoring Restrictions

A Doc-To-Help project must satisfy a few requirements in order to be used for team authoring:

      All documents and auxiliary files, such as graphics, must be located within subfolders inside of the project folder. Moreover, they must be located inside the folders designated for storing source documents, which are specified in the WordSourceFolder and HTMLSourceFolder; the default folder names are WordDocuments and HTMLDocuments. This folder structure for files is a requirement in team authoring, but it is also recommended practice for all Doc-To-Help projects.

      Templates, style sheets and themes are outside of team-authoring control. If your project uses customized templates, style sheets or themes, you must make sure that all team members have the same versions of those files in the same locations on each of their machines.

      All team members must have exactly the same version, or build number, of Doc-To-Help installed on their machine. Version incompatibility will be detected as an error.