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Supported XML Comment Tags

Doc-To-Help supports all standard XML comment tags, allowing you to easily format text in the XML file used to generate your reference source document. For a complete list of the tags, see the Microsoft documentation.

In additon, Doc-To-Help also supports the non-standard XML comment tags supported by the free tool NDoc. NDoc, like Doc-To-Help, uses .NET assemblies and XML documentation files to automatically generate MSDN-style reference documentation. The non-standard tags supported by NDoc include:


The <note> tag produces a formatted note block.


The <overloads> tag provides documentation that applies to all the overloads of a member.


The <exclude/> tag directs NDoc to exclude the current item from documentation.


The <preliminary> tags marks the documentation for the current item as preliminary.


The <event> tag describes which events can be raised by the current method.


The <threadsafety> tag is used to describe how a class or structure behaves in multi-threaded scenarios.