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Starting a New Help Project

The first step in starting a new Help project is to name the project file and select a folder where it will reside. Doc-To-Help 2007 provides you with an "all in one" project editor which allows you to create and edit source documents, add Help features, and build Help files for any platform.

1.   Open the Doc-To-Help program. You are presented with the Doc-To-Help start page. From here you can choose some of your most recent projects, open an existing project, convert an older Doc-To-Help project, convert a RoboHelp or HTML Help project, or create a new project.

2.   Click Create New Project. The first screen of the New Project Wizard opens.

3.   Click Browse. The New Project dialog box opens as shown below.

4.   Open the C:\GuidedTour folder.

5.   Type Scuba Dive.d2h in the File name textbox, then click Save.

6.   Click Next.

7.   Select HTML documents as the type of source documents to use in your project and click Next.

Note: You can change the type of source documents your project uses at any time by changing the DocumentType property under Project Settings.

8.   You are prompted to select the Doc-To-Help Style Sheets you want to use with the HTML documents. Select Full set of styles to use all the styles provided with Doc-To-Help and click Next.

9.   From the list, choose your default Help target and click Next. Make sure that HTML Help 1.x is selected.

Note:  Though you can build any Help target for this project, this selection determines which Help target your project compiles initially.

10.  Review your directory location and file name and click Finish.

The Doc-To-Help Wizard produces a new Help project and opens the project editor. A New Document dialog box appears, and Scuba Dive.htm appears in the File name text box.

11.  Click Save. The Adding New HTML Document dialog box appears.

      Select Multiple topics if it is not already selected.

      Enter Scuba Dive in the Title text box, which specifies the first topic in the document.

      Add default style sheet to the document is checked by default. Make sure it is selected.

12.  Click OK to accept the settings.

The Scuba Dive.htm page is opened in your default HTML editor and you can begin adding content to the project. You can close this document for now; we will open it again in a later section.