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Specifying Navigational Elements

In multiple topic documents, Doc-To-Help derives the topic navigation sequence from the physical order of topics within the documents. In a single topic document, the topic navigation sequence is derived from the document's Style property.

With both document types, you can exclude topics defined with a particular paragraph style or Style property from the navigation sequence. For example, suppose that a multiple topic source document contains a set of function descriptions at the Heading 2 level, each of which is immediately followed by a code example at the Heading 3 level. If each function description provides an explicit hyperlink to its code sample, and Heading 3 is excluded from the navigation sequence, then the reader can step through the function descriptions and bypass code samples that are not of interest. If you have a single topic source document in the same project with a Style property set to Heading 3, and Heading 3 is excluded from the navigation sequence, this topic is skipped.

Doc-To-Help provides another form of automatic topic navigation that takes advantage of subtopic relationships defined by paragraph styles. For styles having an outline level of 2 or greater, you can opt to display a list of subtopic buttons at the end of each parent topic. In a single topic document, the Style property must be set to Heading 2 or greater.

For more information, see Providing Links to Subtopics.