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Setting Up a Team Project

The first step in working on a project in a team environment is to make the project available to other users by uploading it to a central repository.

Note: Before setting up a Team Project, make sure your project satisfies all restrictions described in the Team Authoring Restrictions topic.

Doc-To-Help supports two repository types:

      File System Repository  

File system repository is a location accessible from your file system. Usually, it is on a computer belonging to your organization's network. It is accessed through the regular operating system's file system, as you access any other files. No Web server is involved.

      Web Repository  

Web repository is a location on the Internet, on a Web server. It can be accessed from anywhere on the Internet, including from behind a firewall. Doc-To-Help uses Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) technology. WebDAV is a protocol that allows connectivity between a remote server and a local machine for easy file sharing among multiple users. WebDAV is supported by all major Web servers, but it is not necessarily enabled for any server location. It requires certain privileges, so you may need to consult your system administrator to find out the locations that you can use for a Web repository.


Sharing a Project with a File System Repository

Sharing a Project with a Web Repository