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Scaling Inserted Graphics

1.   Select the graphic you inserted, right-click, and select Format Picture from the shortcut menu.

Note:  To scale the graphic using the features contained within Microsoft Word, you must have “inserted”, not “linked” the graphic.

2.   Select the Size tab.

3.   In the Scale area, change Height and Width as desired.

4.   Click OK.

5.   Save and close the Word document.

6.   In the Project Editor, click the Project icon.

7.   Select Help Targets from the left pane.

8.   Select the correct Help Target from the right pane. In the property pane, verify that the ScaleGraphics property is set to True.

Note:  The ScaleGraphics property allows you to determine on a target-by-target basis if the Word scaling will be applied.

9.   Click the Make Target button to compile the Help target.