Scaling Graphics

1.   Select the graphic you just inserted, right-click, and select Format Picture from the shortcut menu.

2.   Select the Size tab.

3.   In the Scale area, change Height and Width to 75%.

4.   Click OK.

5.   Save and close the Word document.

6.   In the Project Editor, click the Project icon.

7.   Select Help Targets from the left pane.

8.   Select the correct Help Target from the right pane. In the property pane, verify that the ScaleGraphics property is set to Scale in build.

9.   Select Paragraph Styles from the left pane.

10.  Select Heading 1 from the right pane.

11.  In the property pane, set the TopicType property of Heading 1 from Contents to Conceptual.

The Contents topic type limits text formatted with a Heading 1 style to the table of contents pane of your Help target. By selecting Conceptual, you can view your Heading 1 topics and the related text and graphics in the same manner as your would view any of your topics.

12.  Click the Make Target button to compile the Help target.

13.  Open the "Style Guide" topic in the Help file to view the scaled topic.

14.  When you’re finished, close the Help file.