Restrictions and Guidelines

Include HTML files and ancillary files (images, links) that are referenced in the include files must reside in the Customize sub-directory of the theme. When you include a file, it will be automatically copied to that directory. If you have ancillary files referenced in that file, you are responsible for putting them in the same directory with the include file. All paths to such ancillary files in HTML must be relative paths to the Customize directory, as in the following example of an HTML include file showing a logo image:

<img src=”Customize/mylogo.gif”/>

This and other restrictions on the content of HTML include file are the author’s responsibility. Doc-To-Help does not change or verify the include files. Since everything outside <BODY> tags (and the <BODY> tags themselves) must be removed, the author of an include file should put everything that is needed inside the body, including styles and scripts.

Only use unique names of styles, scripts, etc. These names must not conflict with the names used by Doc-To-Help for other purposes. As a recommendation, it is better to avoid using names in include files altogether. Use only inline unnamed constructs.