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Removing Team Authoring Support from a Working Copy

You can remove team-authoring support in a local, working copy of a project from the repository to which it is connected.

Removing team-authoring support is different from disabling team-authoring support. The Disable Team Support for Current Project option in the Team Authoring menu is usually just used when you want to temporarily disable team-authoring support to build a Help target. However, if you want to detach your working copy of the project from the repository and remove all team-authoring functions, as well as the Team Authoring menu and node and the team-authoring buttons in the Documents toolbar, you can use the special administrative utility included with Doc-To-Help, C1D2HTeamAdmin.exe.

To remove team-authoring support from your working copy of the project:

1.   Double-click C1D2HTeamAdmin.exe.

2.   Select Tools | Detach local project from repository (remove team authoring support).

3.   Locate and select the local project you want to detach from the repository.

4.   Click Open. A dialog box appears, confirming team-authoring support has been removed from your project.

5.   Click OK. Your local project becomes a regular, single-author project without team-authoring support. This action only changes your local project; it does not change the repository team project or other authors' projects.