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Project Types

Depending on the option you choose when specifying the source documents for your project, Doc-To-Help sets the Project.DocumentType property to either MS Word, Mixed or HTML:

      MS Word allows your project to contain Word documents only.

      Mixed allows your project to contain both Word and HTML documents.

      HTML allows your project to contain HTML documents only.

You can change the type of documents used in your project at any time, if necessary, provided there are no “foreign”, or non-Word /non-HTML, documents in the project.

To change the Project Type:

1.   In your Doc-To-Help project, select the Project Settings item on the project editor tree list. The lower right property pane contains the project properties.

2.   Select the drop-down arrow next to the DocumentType property under the Miscellaneous properties and choose one of the options: MS Word, HTML or Mixed.

      If you select HTML for a project containing Word documents only, or if you select MS Word for a project containing HTML documents only, Doc-To-Help displays the following message:

The documents within the project must be of the same type as what is specified in the DocumentType property (unless Mixed is specified, in which case, Word and HTML documents can be used). Remove either the Word documents or HTML documents, and then set the DocumentType property.

      If you select Mixed, Doc-To-Help notifies you that the project will use properties for both HTML documents and Word documents: