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Project Settings Properties

By selecting the Project Settings item on the project editor tree list, you are presented with the Make and View Project commands. The lower right property pane contains the default project properties. These properties are generally set globally as defaults for the entire project. You can modify most properties by simply clicking in the box next to the property.

Document Default

The document properties are set globally for all documents, but can be overridden on a document-by-document basis in the document properties.


Controls whether paragraph indentation is adjusted to account for wide margins when building online help.


When enabled, outline numbers are included as part of topic titles and are present in help targets.


When True, this property retains the page break characters in the source documents during compilation of a Printed Manual Help target. Set this property to False to discard page break characters.


Controls whether a document is split into separate topic files for HTML-based platforms.


When True, a single HTML file is generated using intrinsic HTML Help commands to give the appearance of separate HTML files for each topic in the document. When False, individual HTML files are generated for each topic in the document.


If True, generates a plain text only version of the Help file for context sensitive Help topics.



Specifies the default text used when completing a cross-reference.

Miscellaneous Properties


Specifies the document template that will be attached to new documents created in the Project Editor.


Specifies the types of source documents that can be included in the project. Possible values for this property are MS Word, HTML and Mixed.


Specifies the document that contains glossary terms for the project.


Specifies the default cascading style sheet used in the project.


Defines the folder name where the HTML source documents will reside.


The value of this property is added to the automatically generated map numbers to prevent numbering conflicts in modular Help systems.


If True, the generated Help file can dynamically load the contents of other Help files, if present.


Specifies the rules used for naming the .htm files generated for topics.


Defines the folder name where the Word source documents will reside.