Pop-up Links

The next button in the toolbar is used to create pop-up links.

Pop-up links are similar to topic links, except they show the target topic in a pop-up window. They are useful for reference material, things a user may want to take a quick look at in the context of the current topic.

For example, in our equipment page, a user may be looking at an individual item wondering how important that item is in the overall picture. He would like to take a quick look at the price table. This is a perfect application for a pop-up link.

1.   If it not already open, double-click the Equipment document in the Doc-To-Help project editor to open it in FrontPage.

2.   Scroll down the document to bottom of the Masks topic.

3.   Add a paragraph with some descriptive text like View retail prices.

4.   Highlight the new paragraph and click the Popup Link button  in the toolbar. The Popup Link dialog box opens.

5.   Click the Browse button  next to the Topic text box to see a list of available topics.

6.   Select the topic So, What's This Going to Cost Me on the topic list and click OK.


Check the HTML source code to see what the link looks like in HTML. It's almost the same as the topic link we added before, except for the style name.

D2HML syntax: Adding Popup Links

<span class="C1HPopup">View retail prices.
<span style="display:none">|tag=So, What's This Going to Cost Me?</span></span>

For consistency, copy this link to the bottom of the other equipment topics. Then rebuild the project and try out the pop-up links. Here's what they look like: