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OwnTOC Property

If this property is set to True for a help target, that target’s table of contents is customizable independently of other targets.


Applies To


Help Target (Help 2.0)
Help Target (HTML Help)
Help Target (JavaHelp)
Help Target (Manual)
Help Target (NetHelp)
Help Target (WinHelp)


This property determines whether TOC customization performed on the Contents tab applies only to the current help target or to other targets as well. TOC customization for a target with OwnTOC=False affects all targets with OwnTOC=False. In other words, all help targets with OwnTOC=False always have the same table of contents. Customizing TOC for a help target with OwnTOC=True, you are customizing it for the current help target only, other targets’ tables of contents are not changed.

Setting OwnTOC to True is useful in cases where you need to have different TOC for different help targets. For example, you might want to change the order of topics in a certain target without affecting other targets, or you might want to duplicate some topics in a certain target without duplicating them in other targets.


      Click the Project Icon.

      Select the Help Targets item from the left pane Tree View.

      The property is located under the Misc group in the Properties Pane.