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Modifying the Window Size Using the Size Tool

Doc-To-Help provides you with an easy-to-use utility that allows you to modify the size and position of your Help windows.

1.   On the Icon bar, click Project.

2.   Select the Windows item from the left pane.

3.   In the right pane, select and then right-click the window name to be edited and choose Size Tool from the shortcut menu.

The size tool dialog box opens.

4.   Drag any side or corner of the window to adjust it to the size you want.

5.   Drag the window to the desired position on the screen and click OK.

Note:  A practical method of using the tool is to open your compiled Help file window and reposition and adjust the size of that window as needed. Then open the Size Tool and stretch the size tool dialog box to cover your Help file window and click OK. In this way, you have set the new window properties as the default for that window.


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