Maintaining a Team Project

Doc-To-Help provides two methods of team-project maintenance in order to help you prevent and resolve problems.

      Backup files in the repository

By default, Doc-To-Help keeps all versions of all files, including source files, auxiliary files, and the .d2h project file, sent to the repository by all team members every time they are checked into the repository. These files are kept in the Backup folder in the repository. They come in handy if someone accidentally removes or overwrites changes made by other team members or if some other undesirable situation occurs. The backup files can be used to recover lost data. However, this also means that the disk space occupied by the repository grows rapidly when members check in their changes, especially if the .d2h project file is checked in frequently.

To conserve the repository disk space, an administrator should delete unneeded backup files from time to time. This can be done using a special administrative utility included with Doc-To-Help, C1D2HTeamAdmin.exe. The administrator can delete all backups older than a certain date there. This can also be done manually simply by deleting all or part of the contents of the Backup folder in the repository. Each version number has its own sub-folder inside the Backup folder, so you can delete only particular versions, if necessary. It is a good idea to make reserve copies of the folders you are deleting to a backup storage device, such as a DVD or tape.

      Unlocking files in the repository

Checking out a file creates a lock in the repository that prevents other team members from checking out the same file. This lock is needed to ensure that a file cannot be checked out by more than one author simultaneously. This may be problematic if an author checks out a file and forgets, is unable to check it in, or cannot undo the check out for an extended period of time, such as when he/she goes on vacation. Then the file remains permanently locked, preventing the other team members from checking it out and modifying it. If such a situation occurs, it requires an administrator to manually remove the lock from that file. This can be done using a special administrative utility included with Doc-To-Help: C1D2HTeamAdmin.exe. The administrator should run the utility from any machine that can connect to the repository.


Removing Backup Files from the Repository

Unlocking Files in the Repository

Unlocking the .dhv File