Local NetHelp

NetHelp used locally on a single machine (or on multiple computers accessing a share network drive) is just a folder containing files that you open in a browser. You donít need special deployment to make it accessible, just copy it to a folder where you want to keep it. However, there are two things that you should be aware of:

Windows XP SP2 security block

If you view NetHelp in Internet Explorer on Windows XP SP2 and higher, you may encounter the problem that your active content (JavaScript) is disabled. In that case, NetHelp will not have the proper layout and wonít respond properly to user interaction. This situation is indicated by a light-yellow bar under the Address box. This is a general problem for viewing all HTML contents in local file, not Doc-To-Help-specific. Blocking local file content has caused many user complaints. And indeed, local content is usually considered more safe than content in the Internet zone. To allow active contents (JavaScript) to run, click the info bar (the light-yellow strip below the Address box) and select Allow Blocked Content from the menu. To disable this security block for all local content, check the Allow local content to run in files on My Computer check box in Tools|Internet options|Advanced|Security in Internet Explorer.

JavaScript search option is recommended if NetHelp will be installed locally

The NetHelp JavaScript search does not require that Java be installed on end-user machines.  See the SearchType property for information on the differences between a JavaScript and Java search in NetHelp.