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Linking to Internet Sites

You can use Microsoft Wordís hyperlink feature to enhance your online Help targets with links to Web pages and downloadable files. Word supports Internet links via HYPERLINK field codes, which Doc-To-Help recognizes during source document compilation.

When Doc-To-Help builds an online Help system, it automatically converts HYPERLINK field codes into instructions that are appropriate for the active Help target. For WinHelp, it generates ExecFile macros; for NetHelp and HTML Help, it generates <A HREF> tags.

When compiling WinHelp, Doc-To-Help renders hyperlinks as ordinary topic jumps. On most systems, WinHelp topic jumps appear as single-underlined green text. Clicking a hyperlink always opens the default Internet browser in a separate application window; you cannot display a Web page within the confines of the main WinHelp window or a secondary window.

In HTML and HTML Help, hyperlinks are rendered according to your readerís browser settings. Unlike WinHelp, you can control whether hyperlinked URL's display within the same window or a separate application window. By default, they are displayed within the same window (or frame).


Entering Hyperlink Text

Inserting Hyperlink Fields

Editing Hyperlink Fields