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HTMLName Property

Defines the name to be used to identify the style as a cascading style sheet style in HTML source documents.


Applies To


Character Styles
Paragraph Styles


Every special-meaning style specified in a Doc-To-Help project has two names: (1) the Style.Name property that identifies it as a Word style or a Style object in Doc-To-Help if the project does not use Word, and (2) the Style.HTMLName property that identifies it as a CSS style, or selector.

When you use a style in an HTML document and that style is defined in your Doc-To-Help project, make sure you use the HTML name of the style specified in the Style.HTMLName property, not the Style.Name property.

According to the standard CSS rules, HTMLName can have one of three forms:

      .<stylename> - The style can be used with any HTML tag.

      <tag> - The specified tag, for example, H1 for style Heading 1, is considered by Doc-To-Help as having this style, even if the user did not format this tag with any particular CSS style.

      <tag>.<stylename> - The style can be used only with the specified tag; it is ignored if used in other tags.


      Click the Project Icon.

      Select the Paragraph Styles or Character Styles item from the left pane Tree View.

      The property is located under the Misc group in the Properties Pane.