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Help Target Style Sheets

When using Word source documents, the HelpTarget.Template property determines the formatting and styles used in the help target. When using HTML source documents, the HelpTarget.StyleSheet property is used for the same purpose. Similar to the way the HelpTarget.Template property works, the HelpTarget.StyleSheet property specifies the style sheet to be attached to every HTML document when Doc-To-Help builds the target. The style sheet provides a consistent appearance in the specified help target for topics originated from different HTML documents.

Note: The HelpTarget.Template property affects only Word documents in the project, not HTML documents, with the exception of the Manual target where the Template property is used to attach the template to the resulting Word document, regardless of whether it was produced from Word or HTML source documents.

When you choose one of the style sheet options in the New Project wizard, you determine the style sheet to be attached to the help target.

If Full set of styles is chosen, the HTML.StyleSheet property is set, by default, to C1H_HTML_full.css.This option is intended for users who do not have their own pre-designed style sheets and would rather use the style sheets provided by Doc-To-Help to create a consistent appearance throughout their help files. Full-style Doc-To-Help style sheets are designed to provide the maximum possible consistency in appearance in the help target between HTML generated from Word documents and HTML generated from the HTML source documents.

If Minimal set of styles is chosen, the HTML.StyleSheet property is set, by default, to C1H_HTML_short.css. This option is intended for users who already have their own style sheets and want to use them to define the appearance in their HTML source documents and help targets.

The value of the HelpTarget.StyleSheet property can be changed at any time after the project has been created. If you do not want a style sheet attached to the HTML documents, you can set this property to None. This option can be used in more advanced cases where you may want to override the default Doc-To-Help behavior of ensuring the consistent appearance throughout the topics in the target.

Similarly, you can select the StyleSheet property for any Help target and choose Add style sheets from the style sheet selection drop-down. The style sheet is added to the project and attaches as the style sheet for the current Help target.


Setting the Help Target Style Sheet

Adding a New Style Sheet to the Help Target