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FixLists Property

Controls how numbered lists are corrected in the printed manual output when the Concatenate property is set to True.


Applies To


Help Target (Manual)





Never corrects the numbered lists.


Always corrects the numbered lists.

Word 2000 Only (Default)

Corrects lists with Word 2000, but not with other versions of Word.


Because of the sophisticated manner in which Word 2000 tries to make list numbering intuitive, there are known issues with preserving numbering when performing copy/paste and other text manipulations. These issues are largely solved in Word 2002 (XP).

The default setting (Word 2000 Only), allows Doc-To-Help to automatically fix, re-number and re-format lists where it detects problems in the printed manual output.

On very rare occasions, attempts to detect and fix list problems can result in problems during Doc-To-Help builds. If you encounter such problems while the Doc-To-Help progress indicator reads "Restoring lists formatting…", you may want to skip the fix.

Set the FixLists property to Never when you want to skip the detect and fix functions.

Set the FixLists property to Always when you want to perform the detect and fix functions in all versions of Word.


      Click the Project Icon.

      Make sure you have selected the Manual help target from the Help Target Dropdown.

      Select the Help Targets item from the left pane Tree View.

      The property is located under the Build group in the Properties Pane.