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Expanding/Collapsing Sections

In HTML Help, NetHelp, and Help 2.0 targets, you can create Expand, Inline Dropdown and Inline Popup hot spots, as well as Expanding/Collapsing Sections, which are well-suited for subdividing a topic into sections. The collapsible/expandable sections can be displayed as expanded or collapsed by default, and include + and - icons as indicators.

Collapsible sections are specified in a topic by formatting its header paragraph with one of the two styles:

      C1 Section Expanded

      C1 Section Collapsed

The only difference between them is that the first style creates a section that is initially expanded and the second one creates a section that is initially collapsed. The section covers the space until the next collapsible section starts or the section is terminated explicitly by formatting a paragraph with a style called

      C1 Section End

These two style names can be changed, they are customizable in the configuration file Transforms.config (see XML Transforms). Graphics used to indicate expanded/collapsed state of a section, as well as their alternate texts (tooltips) can also be customized by modifying the configuration file Transforms.config.

To use this feature, the GenerateXHTML property in the Help Targets property list must be set to True.