Customizing the Conditional Text Font

The default font color for all conditional text in Doc-To-Help is black. In some cases, where your have a wide range of conditional text types, it may be more convenient to define the text with different colors or even use animation. The View Conditional Text dialog contained within Doc-To-Help uses features inherent in Microsoft Word to allow you to modify the text color and use animation to define various conditional text types.

To modify the text definition for conditional text:

1.   Open the document you want to customize.

2.   Click the View Conditional Text button . The View Conditional Text dialog opens.

3.   Select the conditional text type you want to modify, then click the Font Color or Animation icon.

4.   Select the color or animation type you wish to apply from the appropriate dialog.

5.   Click the Apply or OK button after you are done with your selections.

In this way, you can modify the text color or animation of your conditional text as shown in the example below.

Note:  Modifications to the conditional text affect the current file only. The font changes do not affect other source documents within the Help project.