Creating Live Links

Doc-To-Help creates links in the Word document created when you build a Manual target. If you convert the resulting document to a PDF, these links become live, or working, links in the PDF. Simply set the LiveLinks property to True for the Manual target. All topic links, except pop-up links, regardless of the way they are specified in the source document, become Word hyperlinks in the manual document. When the document is converted to a PDF, the hyperlinks are live PDF links.

Note: Pop-up links do not become live links in the Manual target and PDF because neither Word nor Acrobat PDF has a pop-up feature.

The Concatenate property must be set to True in order for the LiveLinks property to take effect.

There is an issue with the Adobe Acrobat PDF converter when Enable accessibility and reflow with Tagged PDF is checked in Adobe Acrobat, including version 7. When the PDF is produced and the Word hyperlinks are converted to PDF links, the links jump to the top of the page containing the destination topic instead of jumping to the desired topic location. To fix this problem, uncheck the Enable accessibility and reflow with Tagged PDF checkbox in Adobe Acrobat before creating a PDF or use a PDF converter other than Adobe Acrobat.

To Create Live Links:

1.   Select the Project icon.

2.   In the left pane, click Help Targets.

3.   Select StyleGuide Manual from the right pane.

4.   In the properties pane, click the drop-down arrow next to the LiveLinks property and select True.

5.   Click the Make Target button.

6.   Click the View Target button.

7.   Scroll down to the "Introduction" heading. Note that the bulleted items under the heading "How can we be better writers?" are now links in addition to having page reference numbers.

If the links are clicked, they jump to the appropriate topic. If the master document is converted to a PDF, the links jump to the appropriate topic in the PDF.

8.   When you are finished, close the printed manual.