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Creating Cross-Module Links in NetHelp

In a NetHelp modular Help system, you can create cross-module links, or links from one module topic to a topic in a different module. First, create a group in both the source and destination module projects, and index the destination topic to that group in the destination module project. Then, when the hub project is built and the link in the source module is clicked, it jumps to the topic in the destination module.

For example, suppose we have two module projects and we want to create a link from Module1 to Module2. Module1 is the source module, and Module2 is the destination module since it contains the topic to which we want to link. Use the following steps:

1.   Create a group named Modules in your Module1 project.

2.   In your Module1 source document, create a group link to the Modules group.

3.   Build the NetHelp target.

4.   Create a group named Modules in your Module2 project.

5.   Assign the topic you want to link to from Module1 to the Modules group.

6.   Build the NetHelp target.

7.   Open your hub project and build the NetHelp target.

8.   Click the group link in your Module1 topic. It jumps to the topic assigned to the Modules group from your Module2 project.