When you build a Printed Manual target, you have the option of creating a Word document or printing directly to a PDF. If you’d prefer to review your Word document before generating a PDF you can do so with the Generate PDF button in the Doc-To-Help toolbar.

Generating a PDF Target:

When generating your manual directly to PDF,  you can choose to create an outline, or bookmarks which appear in the table of contents pane on the left side of the PDF viewer, which link to topics in the PDF.

1.   Select the Project icon.

2.   In the left pane, click Help Targets.

3.   Select StyleGuide Manual from the right pane.

4.   In the properties pane, click the drop-down arrow next to the GeneratePDF property and select True.

5.   Click the drop-down arrow next to the OutlineInPDF property and select True.

6.   Click the Make Target button.

7.   Click the drop-down arrow next to the View Target button and select View PDF Target. This option is also available on the Build menu when a manual target is selected in the Help Target drop-down list.

Converting a Word Document to PDF:

If you would like to make changes to your printed manual before generating a PDF, simply build your Manual Target. After the Word document has been created, make any necessary changes. Click the Generate PDF toolbar button.

Please note that the Generate PDF toolbar button only appears in the Doc-To-Help toolbar of a Word document that has been created as a Manual Target. This button is included in the standard Doc-To-Help templates for Manual Targets: C1H_PRNOMARGIN.DOT, C1H_PRNORM.DOT, C1H_PRNORM_A4.DOT, C1H_PRSIDE.DOT, C1H_PRSIDE_A4.DOT, C1H_PRSMAL.DOT, and C1H_PRSMAL_A4.DOT.

Note: Although Doc-To-Help supports PDF generation, if you need more control over advanced PDF features, you may want to continue using a third-party PDF generator to convert the Word document generated for the Manual target to PDF.

Congratulations, you have completed the Doc-To-Help Guided Tour!