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Creating a New Document

1.   On the Icon bar, click Project.

2.   Select the Documents item from the left pane.

3.   Right-click anywhere in the document list in the right pane and choose New Document from the shortcut menu. The New Document dialog box appears. Make sure that the Save as type drop-down is set to the type of document you want to create. 

4.   Enter a name for the document in the File name field and click Save. If you created a Word document, it is added to the document tree and Word opens the new document. If you are creating an HTML document, the Adding New HTML Document window appears.

      Under Number of topics per document, specify Single or Multiple topics. HTML documents can contain a single topic or multiple topics. Single topic documents can have children documents, whereas multiple topic documents cannot.

      Under Add document as, select Child or Sibling of the selected document. Child places the document a level below the selected document. Sibling places the document on the same level as the selected document.

Note: To add a child document to the document tree, it must be attached to a single topic HTML file.

      Specify a title for the new document in the Title text box.

      Choose a document style from the Document Style drop-down. The document style level corresponds to the level of the document in the document tree. If the style you are looking for is not listed, select Show all styles, which lists all paragraph styles in the project.

      Add default style sheet to the document is checked by default. This ensures that the cascading style sheet specified in the HTMLDefaultCSS property of the project is automatically attached to the new document. If you do not want the style sheet attached, uncheck this box.

Note: Selecting a style that does not correspond to the document tree will result in a warning that the Style level does not correspond to the level of the document tree. It will ask you if you want to choose a different style level before proceeding. If you choose to continue without making changes, your help target will be built according to the Topic Style settings of each document.

5.   Click OK to close the Adding New HTML Document window. The new document is added to the document tree and your default HTML editor opens the new document.