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Creating a Modular Help Project for NetHelp

Unlike with HTMLHelp, there are no limitations or requirements for module projects when creating a modular Help project for NetHelp. Any NetHelp target built in Doc-To-Help can be used as a module in a modular project. The only requirement is that it must be built with the same Doc-To-Help version that you used to build the modular project. For example, if you are using Doc-To-Help 2007.1, you cannot merge those projects with NetHelp projects built with other Doc-To-Help versions; you must rebuild them in Doc-to-Help 2007.1.

To create a modular Help project:

1.   Start by creating your module Help projects.

2.   Create a separate project to use as the hub Help project.

3.   In your hub project, highlight the Project Settings item in the left pane of the project editor.

4.   Set the ModularHub property to True.

5.   Open the hub project document and create placeholder topics for each of the module Help files you wish to associate with the hub. The placeholder topic text is generally formatted as a Heading 1, but you can use other heading levels as desired.

6.   Click the Make Target button to compile the hub NetHelp files.

7.   Click the Topics Icon.

8.   Highlight one of the placeholder topics and click the ellipsis button next to the MergeFile property.

9.   Locate the project.npj file in the module’s NetHelp/ProjectInfo folder.

10.  Select project.npj and click Open. The file path appears next to the MergeFile property.

11.  Repeat steps 8-10 for all placeholder topics.

12.  Rebuild the hub project and click View Target button. Doc-to-Help merges the NetHelp modules, including their table of contents, index, search and glossary, with the NetHelp target of the hub project.


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