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Creating Active Character Styles

If you are not able to use one of the many predefined character styles that comes with Doc-To-Help, you can create your own. This is an advanced option and will probably not need to be used often.

1.   Create the style in your Word or HTML source document.

2.   Create a like-named character style in the Doc-To-Help project:

      On the Icon bar, click Project.

      Select the Character Styles item from the left pane.

      Right-click anywhere in the character style list in the right pane and select New from the shortcut menu.

      Type the name of the new character style and press Enter. The new character style is added to the list.

3.   Set the Behavior property of the new style to one of the D2HML values. In order for the style to be active, it must have a Behavior property other than None.

The active link Behavior settings are as follows:




No hot spot


Context string hot spot


Group hot spot

Topic Link

Topic link hot spot

Group Link

Group link hot spot

Keyword Link

Keyword link hot spot

Link Tag

Link tag hot spot

Context ID

Context ID hot spot

Conditional Text

Conditional text hot spot

Contents Title

Contents title hot spot

Topic Properties

Topic properties hot spot


Keyword hot spot

Inline Expand

Inline expand hot spot

Inline Popup

Inline pop-up hot spot

Inline Text

Inline text hot spot

Inline Dropdown

Inline drop-down hot spot